After writing and finalizing the diploma thesis, writing the reports comes to the line. One report is written by the supervisor, resp. thesis consultant and second review, opponent review, writes opponent of the thesis. The opponent may be an employee, ie a teacher of the relevant higher education institution, but also an external worker or employee of another higher education institution.

The opponent prepares the report in duplicate and the original signature must be on both opposing opinions.

The opponent’s assessment must be at the department of the relevant higher education institution no later than three working days before the state examination. If the opponent’s review of the diploma thesis does not arrive in time, it is necessary to report it to the head of department or another employee who is authorized to deal with similar situations.

The opponent’s review of the thesis is an important part of the thesis defense before the examination committee, as it is helpful in assessing and evaluating the quality of the thesis. The opponent of the thesis evaluates with the help of the six-level classification scale: A = excellent, B = very good, C = good, D = satisfactory, E = sufficient, Fx = insufficient. The evaluation must be written directly into the opposing review at the end. The maximum number of points an opponent can award is 100. The score range of each classification rating is mostly as follows: A = 93-100, B = 86-92, C = 79-85, D = 72-78, E = 64-71, Fx = 63 or less.

The opponent evaluates in the opponent’s opinion several criteria that each thesis should contain.

These are the essentials that every student should be notified of before or after the event. while writing a diploma thesis so that he can be more careful in this respect. First of all is the originality of the work, its usability for practice, the topicality of the given topic, but it is not necessary to forget the correct grammar, stylistics, spelling or graphic layout of the work.

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