If your diploma work is already breathing on your neck, you’re probably looking for abbreviations, tutorials, or tips on how to make it easier to write. The fastest will be if you hear from us. Well, if you want to handle it on your own, we have some advice for you.

In the evening, you won’t. That’s why plan

“Yes, yes,” you say, “I know I should not put it aside.” Even if you do not delay your duties, writing the final thesis will cut you from time to family, friends, or brigades. Sometimes you can say that interpersonal relationships are more important and you prefer to be entrusted to these friends. But then the guilt comes…

Therefore, specify a writing schedule. It’s not a bullshit thing. With a good plan, you have an insight into when you can release the day of writing and go, for example, to talk to classmates on Bans. You don’t have to write it on paper or in a notebook – use the online project management tools like Trello. In the columns, you plan which days to write, set your deadline, and if you download an app to your phone, it will always alert you to the upcoming date. We live in the digital era, so why destroy the trees for your comments, right?

Who’s late does not have books

Maybe most of your resources are online, you can download documents as e-boobs, come from blog articles and big portals. But then you will find that a great quote from a bestseller that would make your diploma perfect. Quote from a book you can’t download. Don’t even buy, at least not in Martinus. Therefore, you will visit the library and…

The book is reserved for a month. The aunt librarian adheres to the Hippocrates oath she has never passed and refuses to tell you the name of the bad guy who has your book in his greasy fingers. Such is the life of the late, and you can only be angry with yourself. But we’re not here to preach. Remember: go to the library for at least 1-2 months before handing over, so that the right books aren’t caught. If you happen to find that they don’t come back soon, you can still buy them on Amazone.

Neither the student nor his own trainer understands

If you don’t know about it, we’ll tell you straight away: your trainer’s testimony can make a difference between A and E. At school, of course, no one will tell you. The Commission, however, decides on what you read in your work and how you defend it, right? So now think about how many people will be with you and how much it means reading, if the diploma thesis is 60 to 80 standard pages. Do you still think the Commission will read everything?

Therefore, be like a medica to your trainer or trainer. Follow the deadlines that will determine you and not unnecessarily dial them by ignoring mails and calls.

However, if you are wondering if you can somehow make it out of this situation… Maybe a little easier, without stress, even with free time? Let’s repeat: yes, it will.

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